Best Lip Balm Ever.


Best Lip Balm Ever, Apothecuryous
  • $ 7.99

Congratulations you have just finished your quest for the Best Lip Balm Ever! How does it feel? It's not too waxy, doesn't leave a residue, is deeply moisturizing, and has a pleasant slip on the lips. You'll want to keep applying it simply because it feels so good.


  • Organic Coconut Oil is rich in protein and is deeply moisturizing.
  • Organic Cocoa Butter is higher in antioxidants than many other super foods, including blueberries.
  • Organic Jojoba Oil is readily absorbed by the skin and treats dry, chapped skin.
  • Castor Oil delivers lasting slip and plumps the lips.
  • Organic Carnauba Wax creates a moisture barrier to hold the beneficial oils to the skin.

.15 ounce tube

All products come in BPA free packaging that is made from recycled materials.


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