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Nail brush

Nail brush


Two-side Firm Nature Wooden Sisal Scrub Bamboo Nail Cleaning Nail Brush for Toes and Nails

Scrubbing, cleaning brush with natural plant sourced bristle and sustainable bamboo handle is eco-friendly and healthy.
Having double side with soft but firm bristles can be more easy to remove/scrub dirty nails and fingers. The narrow side get after dirt under the fingernails or toenails, while the broad side cleans hands or feet and the top of nails and other places.

Protect your nail art after painting from dust and dirt. Don't use hand to ruin it but use an easy grip nail brush.

Suitable place: kitchen, bathroom, home, office,garden shed sink, bathroom etc. Good for Children Adult Men Boys and Girls & Portable and Practical.

With flexible bristle which is not too soft or too hard, won't hurt your skin also a good brush for brushing your lovely pet's paw.

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