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Pearl's Pride Tooth Powder (discontinued)

Pearl's Pride Tooth Powder (discontinued)

2 oz.

Do you have sensitive teeth or gums and want to use Activated Charcoal to whiten your teeth?  Pearl's Pride Tooth Powder is perfect for you!  Made with all natural ingredients including Organic Clove and Nutmeg powders this tooth powder will clean and whiten your teeth without aggravating sensitivity or soreness.



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    Product Highlights

    • Products come in BPA-free packaging that is made from recycled materials and is recyclable.

    How To Use

    Wet toothbrush and dip into jar.  A small amount of this fluffy powder will stick to your toothbrush, but it will do the trick.  Coat teeth with tooth powder, brush as usual.  Spit out and rinse well.

    Deep Dive Information

    Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is a gentle abrasive substance which is 85% silica that helps improves bone mineralization.  It also helps to remove tartar and plaque.
    Activated Charcoal from Bamboo is adsorbent and acts like a magnet to attract and bind with toxins in the system or stains on teeth from coffee, tea or wine.
    Food Grade Bentonite Clay is rich in minerals like calcium, magnesium and silica.  It helps to protect the mouth and remove bacteria and other harmful substances from the tongue and gums.
    Myrrh powder improves the health of gums, reduces the pain of mouth sores or tooth aches, and addresses gum disease and gingivitis.  
    Organic Nutmeg powder is anti-inflammatory as well as anti-bacterial and helps to suppress the growth of bacteria in the mouth.
    Organic Clove powder has a numbing effect on the mouth and is well known for reducing pain.  Anti-septic, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial it helps to combat bad breath.
    Licorice Root botanical extract helps to inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause cavities.  (If you don't care for the taste of licorice, don't hesitate to try Pearl's Pride Tooth Powder as there is less than 1% in the formula and the flavor is barely detectable.)


    INCI: Diatomaceous Earth, Bamboo Activated Carbon, Bentonite Clay, Commiphora Myrrha (Myrrh) Powder,  Eugenia Caryophyllus (Clove) Powder*, Myristica Fragrans (Nutmeg) Powder*, Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice Root) Powder
    *Certified Organic Ingredient

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