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Rhassoul Clay Hair Cleanser, 16 ounce

Rhassoul Clay Hair Cleanser, 16 ounce

16 Oz.

Rhassoul Clay Hair Cleanser is perfect for those are looking for a truly natural hair cleanser that really works.  Traditional shampoos are full of chemicals that can damage your hair, irritate your scalp, and even cause hair loss.  Shampoos strip your hair of your own natural, beneficial oil called sebum, which causes your body to produce more sebum, aggravating a vicious cycle of an imbalanced system.

The scent of the essential oils will linger on your hair even when it has been rinsed.

Keep in mind that not all hair products work for everyone.

Note: Clary Sage should not be used if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
Rosemary should not be used if you are pregnant or suffer from seizures.
Cedar Wood should not be used if you are pregnant.
Palmarosa should not be used if you are pregnant.
Juniper should not be used if you are pregnant.
Thyme should not be used if you are pregnant or suffer from seizures.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Product Highlights

  • Products come in BPA-free packaging that is made from recycled materials and is recyclable.

How To Use

Shake vigorously and apply to wet hair. Massage scalp and work through hair. Let it sit for a few minutes then rinse thoroughly. The longer the cleanser is in the hair, the more it will draw. To prevent over-drawing of beneficial oils, leave on for 2 minutes and adjust as needed.

This cleanser can be used 1-4 times a week.

Deep Dive Information

Rhassoul Clay is rich in silica which strengthens hair, stimulates hair growth, and improves hair quality.  Rhassoul cleans the hair and scalp by removing dirt, debris, and excess oil without completely stripping away beneficial oil.  Rhassoul imparts a slightly gritty feeling to the cleanser, which can be very satisfying when massaging the scalp.  It benefits the overall condition of your hair and scalp , leaving your hair full of body and vitality.
Herbal infused organic Apple Cider Vinegar helps restore a healthy pH balance to hair, smooths the hair cuticles reducing tangles and breakage, while adding sheen.
Aloe Vera helps to maintain a healthy pH balance for your hair, locks in moisture, and accentuates natural curls.
Floral waters diminish the smell of vinegar and leaves a pleasant scent on your hair. The following Floral Waters are available:
*Rosemary-stimulates hair growth and treats dandruff or oily hair.
*Lemongrass- uplifting and energizing, and it repels bugs.
*Orange Blossom (Neroli)- is used to combat stress, headaches, and nervous tension.
*Geranium-improves circulation,regulates sebum production, and is stimulating.
*Lavender- regenerates cells, encourages hair growth and is relaxing.
*Peppermint- astringent that treats oily hair or dandruff.
Essential Oils vary depending on the type of cleanser that suits your personal needs:

*Rosemary and Clary Sage essential oils are added to the Rosemary Clay Hair Cleanser.
*Pine and Litsea Cubeba are added to the Lemongrass Clay Hair Cleanser.
*Grapefruit and Litsea Cubeba are added to the Orange Blossom Clay Hair Cleanser.
*Cedar Wood and Palmarosa are added to the Geranium Clay Hair Cleanser.
*Juniper and Bergamot are added to the Lavender Clay Hair Cleanser.
*Red Thyme and Bergamot are added to the Peppermint Clay Hair Cleanser.


Purified Water, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Lavender*& Hops* & Nettle* & Rosemary* infused Raw Apple Cider Vinegar*, Rhassoul Clay, Floral Water, Essential Oils

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Customer Reviews

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Janna Mixan

I have thick, but short, and mostly straight hair. I feel like I use quite a lot of this to clean my hair, but I'm still getting used to it! I've been shampooing a couple times a week and using this the rest of the time. I love how it gets my hair clean but it doesn't strip the natural oils. My hair isn't greasy, but it holds product much better and stays soft all day long! No frizz, no coarse feeling, nice herbal smell too.

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